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PartsTec offers you a broad range of logistics services, from inspection of the delivered products upon receipt to compiling various repair kits. Upon your request, we will use customers’ packaging and labels. You choose the shipping method – whether you choose ship or airplane.

We ship all orders within a few business days. Our customers will receive an electronically prepared order confirmation with all important details such as parts numbers, quantities, prices, delivery terms and delivery dates.

If you conclude a framework agreement with PartsTec, you will not only save money but also prevent unnecessary capital commitment due to too much stock. In planning stock, our customers can rely on PartsTec’s excellent logistics services. We guarantee optimized stocking, short lead times and, upon your request, adequate safety stock levels.

Your benefits from the PartsTec logistics services:



· One-Stop-Service (sourcing, quality

  assurance, packaging, shipment)


· Fast processing of incoming orders


· Reduction of storage costs for customers


· High availability of the desired products


· Low capital commitment through

  optimized procurement of products