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The foundation of PartsTec’s performance is innovation. In order to make our future-oriented vision a constant and long-term pillar of our company, there are clear guidelines and specifications for the employees of PartsTec that help them to assess their performance and improve themselves. Therefore, responsibility for our employees and long-term employee development play a crucial role at PartsTec. We take these ideas very seriously and think they are vital to our competitiveness.

To you as our customer, PartsTec means support from a strong team, a team consisting of the management and the employees that stands for honest, trustful and helpful cooperation with both our customers as well as our suppliers.

Dedicated, pragmatic, honest.

At the same time, we regard our business relationships as characterised by mutual respect as well as responsibility and trust. We are convinced that we will only establish long-term, reliable partnerships if we can live out these ideas with our customers and suppliers. This is the foundation for jointly securing our future.


Christian Beßler